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The team & vision behind Honour Club Events

The Team

Honour Club Events has been brought to life by a successful racing driver and entrepreneur Sten Pentus and co-founder Kristel Pentus.

Honour Club Events is a club offering quality entertainment, introducing the amazing opportunities in Estonia and uniting fantastic people from all over the world with the passion for great cars and the desire for fantastic time together.

Elegance, quality, high speeds and friendly atmosphere are the key words describing what Honour Club Events offers and stands for.

"We created Honour Club Events to offer people a real high quality club to be a part of with important elements of networking, elegance, entertaining programme, fun and of course great cars & race tracks. Also, one very important part is introducing the business opportunities of Estonia, creating mutually beneficial contacts and introducing the great products we have to the outside world.
We wish to offer more than is expected & to offer events where people feel valued and proud to be a part of. For us it’s about passion, quality and traditions that will last for decades." Sten Pentus

Professional instructors

Honour Club Events always strives to offer our guests the best. We are really proud to present you with our three main instructors Sten, Jukka and Raimo –  fast, championship winners and true professionals. They will be there to improve your driving quality and really help you to get the best out of you and your car.