gt.setAttribute('defer','defer'); gt.src=l+'://'; s.parentNode.insertBefore(gt,s);} catch (e) {}})(document,'script'); It could be any Undertale track, be it a boss fight, to even a casual character's theme. Asriel gets to see the stars for the first time. Determination to leave fills your heart but I don't know if you're strong enough It is a treacherous place outside that's why I'm trying to close it off.
Somewhere deep down I believed,I'd bring you back to me,I thought we could have some fun,Can my damage be undone? ★UnderTale♪Lyrics★ Random. Underground Wallpapers has many version of sans such as, Undertale AU, Underverse, Underfresh, … There a word out up above It would show me love I thought I could stop the end Be here with you my friend Somewere …                                                                 To keep trying to save you. 's':''); gt.setAttribute('async','async'); This is my first fan lyrics so don't be too harsh! i love it 😭😭😭 2020-11-23T20:13:28Z Comment by little miss dream. Song Lyrics; Songfic; Canon Non-Binary Character; Canon Nonbinary Character; Summary. Album: Dream on (Asriel Dreemurr Song) Heyo! Find some more complete and adorable of undertale background image from this app for your mobile phone. Man on the Internet's lyrics.