Greetins from Peru and i´m waiting for more. {Was the judge’s ruling appropriate? There’s also the matter of the funds that Albedo herself could spend freely. 3,012 . If this was in the past we could’ve always relied on adventurers from the Empire in cases of emergency, but now that the Empire has become a vassal state of the Sorcerous Kingdom, that could prove to be difficult.”, “Ah, I see, let’s handle droughts this way then. If you haven't seen, we have ramped up the rules for spoilers, for more information please check out Volume 14 Spoiler Rules. In this story you will meet several women ruling (or soon to be ruling) nations and hearts of the men they love. Due to that, Albedo’s rare expression went completely unseen. At least according to what Zanac heard. Recently there has been a number of people making a mess all over the place due to narcotics withdrawal. Volume 14: Prologue (Part 2) - Discussion. “Zesshi? Required fields are marked *. 30. The most troublesome of them all was the new faction. It was precisely because of this reason that women like her should not be trusted. “You, go tell the Cardinal that Mare, the envoy of the Sorcerer Kingdom and another dark elf flew here on a dragon and wish to speak to the Cardinals,” he told one of the nearby guards. Everything will work out just fine.”, “So you would be fine with it if I take the rest of them?”, “If you would do that it would make me very happy. Why would you wear a skirt if you are a boy? “Maybe he plans to kill all the living in some grand ritual? No, it’s safe to say that if the value of royalty fell, it would have an inverse effect on their personal safety. “Did you see it?” He called out to the guards. Ruangan yang direnovasi dari kamar tidur menjadi ruang kantor, diposisikan paling dekat dengan koridor. The fact that reality did not match expectations was not her master’s fault. Her one and only master was currently out tending to his duties and so was absent from the Great Tomb of Nazarick. Página que te avisa si ya salió el vol 14 de Overlord. The guard disappeared inside, while Ron and the other guard moved behind the cathedral’s doors, using them as covers. Hiring mercenaries would be the obvious solution, but the Sorcerous Kingdom proposed to simply install a flag that would make it extraordinarily obvious that those carriages belonged to them, apparently as some form of self-defense. The room, which had been converted from a bedroom to an office, was positioned the closest to the corridor. It did not matter who they asked, each and every one of their answers were vague at best, as if they would be breaking some form of taboo should they have answered truthfully. {That wouldn’t work. No i don't mean it like that lol. Skimming over the completed document from top to bottom, Albedo’s lips formed the tiniest sliver of a smile. No, manpower wasn’t the only thing they lacked. “Even if you asked me what I would do…onii-sama, how can I give an answer when you haven’t even given me enough details in your question?”. The simultaneous conflicts caused the two halves of the Holy Kingdom to fight over power and their own interests. Renner looked back at him as if she was looking at a cryptid. He loved his job – the Head Guard of the Cathedral of Light. “I am Yvon Jasna Dracrowa, the Cardinal of Light, and she is Zesshi,” he replied. {The reorganized Adventurer’s Guild can be by my…Mare’s actions…the need to be on the alert for Aura…under Cocytus’ command…intelligence from Victim…the value of Shalltear’s transport network…amassing a secret fund from the Merchant’s Guild…manpower…and also Demiurge and that girl, huh…}. They were at the stage of relying on the generosity and solidarity of other countries to hopefully get them to sign the mutual reinforcement pact at all costs, in other words, it was an unreliable relationship without written agreements. I can hear you alright, no need to shout. A lack of intelligence again, huh.}. It could be considered if the situation was to change drastically. The only reason Prince Zanac knew what he knew about druids was because he had actively sought out that information. However, as rulers, they could not just give up on something like this so easily. If anyone comes looking for me, tell them that I'm absent for the moment.”. I will go to the Seventh Floor first to discuss matters with Demiurge. “That’s the envoy from the Sorcerer Kingdom?” He thought. “That, that… seriously, what the hell is wrong with you? Prologue. Should we train him to become someone who’s worthy of the position of Warrior Captain? It would have been fine if it were to be headed by Albedo, the Guardian Overseer herself, but it was not unlikely that the newly created position would be given to Demiurge. We’d like to end the war immediately, you can spend more time trying to figure out how to best explain to your citizens the freeing of the elven slaves,” Aura said in a casual voice. {An absolutely brilliant plan}, Zanac thought. The two elves advanced toward the Cathedral while the dragon stayed behind. You two are strong, don’t you want to fight strong opponents?” Zesshi asked. He grabbed one of the guards by the shoulders and screamed in the man’s face. If it was like the Empire where someone as great as the Tri-Arts Magic Caster exists, it might have been a completely different story. It was less than a week ago that Mare got kidnapped by the Elf King. “Yvon-dono, could the Slane Theocracy have friendly relations with a nation that holds thousands of your people as slaves?” Mare asked. What aid could they have provided against such a powerful demon at that time? Although he could tell that she wasn’t being serious, it would not have been a problem even if Zanac was stupid enough to fall for it. What about cold snaps, sister?”, “Druids would have to work hard on that as well.”. Some nobles should follow suit once they find out the royalty is being educated in that field, right? There was one time when she was about to send some idiotic scum and his family to the Frozen Prison for an affront to her master (at least it was in her opinion) and asked if the conviction should be for indignity or idiocy. As the operations against the Holy Kingdom drew to an end, Demiurge has been busy travelling far and wide to set up an intelligence agency with Nazarick at its center. Even if she’s plotting against him, it wouldn’t benefit her directly. Any possible cause of gossip, however small, must be avoided. “Is that so?… It would be great if we could form a military alliance as soon as possible. They’re basically handing the other end of the leash they’ve placed on themselves over to the Sorcerous Kingdom.”. Her teaching, treasured by her many followers, was that “Weakness without the drive to improve one’s self is a sin, everyone must strive towards the goal of becoming stronger.” That was more or less an understandable concept for most people. It was in these conditions that they ceded the crucial grain-producing region of E-Rantel, which was directly under the king’s rule, to the Sorcerous Kingdom. Time moved slowly. ... Overlord Tập 14 Giao Đoạn Dịch giả: MBB Một trong những thành phố của Liên minh Karnassus, Bebad. Reply. This was the fifth binder she has had to go through today. After all, it had been an even more chaotic time for the Kingdom due to the heavy losses inflicted by the powerful magic of the Sorcerer King, Ainz Ooal Gown. His steps resounded with a thud on the stone floor, and he could hear the faint murmurs of prayer coming all around him. OMG, best opening ever! Then, you must be the friend my brother made during his stay here.”. “About that, just wait for a while. As the second prince, Zanac had never experienced that level of friendship before. As originally intended, her superior would only have to dictate a general direction or goal for his subordinates to work towards. It was a dark elf boy with gold hair, he wore white pants and a white & gold vest, under which he could see red scale armor. “Please wait while we contact the Cardinals,” he yelled at the elves. “Elves are now citizens of the Sorcerer Kingdom, we cannot allow our citizens to be enslaved by a neighboring country.”. But the problem is about grain, right? They had essentially allowed caravans hoisting the Sorcerous Kingdom’s flag to march through the royal capital in procession, all the way to the docks where they were bound for the Holy Kingdom. Renner pouted. She gently twisted her shoulders a couple of times before turning to look at the remaining documents. My good prince, do not kill me!”, “Well,” replied the serpent, “I am a magic snake, as you can tell by the fact that I can talk and if you spare my life, I will grant you any three wishes concerning your appearance.”, Prince Zanac knew that part of his unpopularity was due to his being overweight and not very handsome, so he said, “Okay, my scaly new friend. “The Elf Kingdom had recently experienced a change in rulership. 10:22. This wasn’t for the fact that she had just completed another task, but was simply borne from the gratification she experienced knowing that she’s proving herself to be useful to her master. Whoever presented the report must explain it to her in detail. Ainz’s room was situated on the ninth floor of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. E-Rantel hasn’t experienced many incidents caused by racial tensions. Volume 14: Prologue (Part 3) Regarding the logistics. Speaking of Brain, the moment Zanac is crowned king, his first action would likely be to retrieve the four treasures of the Kingdom from his father. As the one appointed to manage the internal affairs and human resources of Nazarick, Albedo couldn’t help but feel ashamed at herself. “No matter,” he shook his head. The massive door seemed to shriek as it slowly opened. They simply lacked the necessary amount of strong individuals to deal with the issue. Delete. “Eh? However, since they had autonomy in their own lands, nothing could be done about them unless they broke the law of the Kingdom. If a nation’s dignity was lost bit by bit like this, sooner or later the Kingdom would have to choose between a full rebellion against the Sorcerous Kingdom or kneel in servitude to them. “What?” Yvon exclaimed at the smiling dark elf. Why isn’t anyone here yet? “In any case, our first order was to gather detailed information on the inner workings of the Holy Kingdom. Renner, however, was close with the Adamantite class adventurers team Blue Roses, so obtaining detailed information on a spell was probably not too difficult for her. “Hmph!” Zanac scoffed at Renner’s proposal, “the state of the internal affairs of our country and that of the Empire’s is completely different. However, the Kingdom’s ignorance of magic and desire for brave, strong cavalrymen had already become deeply rooted in their culture. The situation was nerve-wracking as it is, I don’t need to deal with frightened citizens too, he thought. Her older sister might be a decent choice, but she was not an ally that Albedo could trust unconditionally. Zanac is described as an incompetent person in the eyes of many nobles and the common folk, but in fact, it is all a ruse made by himself to mislead his opponents. Tightly gripped in his hand was a piece of parchment. Or did Zesshi just have a serious moistening of her panties after finding out that Mare was a male? This is a continuation of Overlord Volume 14 The Last Wolf. The Empire had a clear cut understanding of exactly how terrifying the Sorcerous Kingdom could be. If that were to be the case it would become a great cause of concern. Zanac thought. Therefore, don't expect too much from it. Như thường. “Then, why did you?” Yvon asked dumbfounded. At the same time, she must discuss the matter with Demiurge, her colleague who’s probably deeply linked to the problem. Do you need any financial support?”, “That’s not necessary, my allowance is enough for its operations.”. But Zanac, concurring with Renner, thought that was part of the Sorcerous Kingdom’s strategy. Renner’s goal was to live out her life in a small manor with Climb, which would still be achievable even if they became a vassal state. “That is?” he mumbled as he turned back to get a better look. BOOOOYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! That, however, was because her master had ordered her to obey Albedo’s commands. I had so many thoughts about Elven King and stuff, but you straight up got the whole thing wrapped up, and I LOVE IT! They had seen a lot more of the other Cardinals and various Scriptures members compared to the usual, calm times. The Holy Kingdom, which takes great pride in its long peace and which is defended by a Great Wall, is assaulted by an allied army of demi-humans. Of course, she knew that such a request would never be approved. Inside, its owner was nowhere to be found yet the faint sound of paper being shuffled could be heard. There will not be any civil disorder, onii-sama.”. The intruders didn’t seem concerned though, chatting casually as they glanced around. “That’s true, it would certainly be a desirable development. {To bother my master over such trivialities would be absolutely ridiculous, but…racial unity policies, plans to trial national laws, economic policies, and more must be determined by my master… if I do all the progress checks on tasks assigned to the Floor Guardians, it would displease everybody because they won’t be able to see Momonga-sama, right?…}, For the moment, her master has given her free reign over all of his affairs no matter how important or insignificant they are. > Complains when the MC does evil things. Konosuba Volume 15 Prologue. Keep going,i like where this is heading off to. He had already attempted to gain favour with him, but it did not seem to have an effect on him at all. The Arch Fiend that had once turned the Kingdom's capital upside down, the one who was eventually defeated by the Sorcerer King, Jaldabaoth, had led an army of demihumans to attack the Holy Kingdom. After all, even Albedo makes mistakes. “It’s not my decision alone to make,” Yvon replied. Although misdemeanors had occurred, none dared to commit a felony. Not finding it though. It’s certainly not impossible for her to fund the orphanage on her own, but big cuts in the number of maids tending to her must’ve been made to allow for that. If she figures out Albedo’s true intentions, it’s entirely possible for them to become enemies. How else could they possibly live in a city where undead are roaming the streets?” Ron heard one of the guards. There’s another reason the two halves are against each other, namely the faceless progenitor’s new teachings, that can’t be good for the Kingdom either.”. Overlord Tập 14 – Mở Đầu(Prologue) 14/03/2020 17/04/2020 Mèo biết bay 26 Comments overlord tập 14. Zanac felt somewhat irritated but also proud that Renner knew how to spend her funds wisely. Still, to avoid any unnecessary complications it’s best to leave the right of final approval to her master. Her pen stopped moving as soon as she finished reading the report and the process to transcribe the key words she had noted down began. If that’s the case then it would be quite unfortunate. I can somewhat understand the Empire’s actions if I look at it from that perspective. To do this, one would require an intimate understanding of internal affairs on par with one's familiarity with backs of their hands as well as an inhuman level of lucidity. Even a genius would arrive at the wrong answer on unfamiliar turf. This was a significant figure, perhaps the greatest among all the orphanages in the Kingdom. Novels 932 • Chapters 589485 • All Chapter Duration 4019 days (96457 hours). My efforts to nurture them have just begun.”, “Then what about the children who are not so exceptional?”, “Even if they could only do simple calculations or write, there will be a job waiting for them somewhere. “By grain, you meant that? Apparently the merchants were allowed to sell the grain, but its price was a bit higher than market price due to a tariff. 2nd time: final warning. Ron Jeol Elkerson walked through the large prayer room of the cathedral. Sister? {I knew Momonga-sama was a merciful one, yet I still…}. During the Battle of the Katze Plains, though it would be more accurate to call it a massacre, much of the Kingdom’s population lost their lives. You know that she was created to firmly believe that little brothers should ALWAYS obey their big sisters! Seemingly satisfied with his response, the two elven boys returned to stand beside the dragon. Apparently the faceless one always appeared in public wearing a mask. Zanac suddenly felt a sense of loneliness deep down in his heart. Ainz’s room was situated on the ninth floor of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. “I can’t believe you didn’t tell me you are a boy,” Zesshi said as she punched Mare in a shoulder. Apparently the shipping and labor costs are basically negligible, so much so that it’s cheaper for them to buy from the dwarves than from us.”, “-are we abandoning the plans to form an alliance with the Council State?”, “Ah yes, that’s currently in progress, but the situation isn’t great. His blade gleamed in the sun, and he poised himself, ready to end their lives in a single merciful stroke. With the loss of Gazef Stronoff, the strongest warrior in the Kingdom, the government had shifted its policy to avoid direct confrontation with the Eight Fingers. “Although that’s not why we came.”. Zanac’s face grew dark as he stared at the documents that were submitted, a heavy sigh escaped his mouth. Due to how detailed the reports were, reading even a single one of them would be a massive time commitment. Di dalam, pemiliknya tidak ditemukan, namun suara samar kertas-kertas dapat terdengar dari sana. No, even without doing something like that, the appearance of the Sorcerer King, one who commands powerful magic caused a paradigm shift in the minds of the Kingdom’s citizens, noble or otherwise. This level of knowledge in magic was not part of conventional education, so it wasn’t taught even in noble families. He turned around and was relieved to see Yvon Jasna Dracrowa, the Cardinal of Light, followed by a group of guards and Scriptures Members. To Zanac, magic was an art with incredible power. Though this seemed to be the confluence of numerous coincidences, the situation could give one the false impression that everything was connected. {Does she not know about that?} As Renner said, high-level druids can cast spells to create temporary rain, so droughts could be dealt with. At the same time, the newly crowned Holy King gave his acquiescence to the group, further dividing the north and the south. 0. “Haha, you should’ve seen your face when you’ve learned that news, it was priceless,” Mare laughed. It is a good way to show that they can easily threaten us.”, “That’s true, if a superior cannot trust their inferior, it’s definitely more reassuring to have a firm grasp on their weaknesses. But on the other hand, it’s also a gesture to the Sorcerous Kingdom that its vassal does not have anything to hide from them. If possible, she would love to take that authority for herself by letting an easy to manipulate puppet chair the agency. Behind the curtains of the cordial interactions they’ve had with multiple other countries, the horns signaling the start of an espionage war had already been sounded. The ear-piercing sound never went away, no matter how many times he oiled it. The crime rate was thus minimal. To that end, a high-level druid must be assigned to each village. 2 Arc 39 February 11, 2016; Douluo Dalu Vol. Renner stood up, walked towards Zanac, and took the documents from him. She browsed the two other reports, confirmed that they were not that important, and said to the maid standing behind her, “We must hold an emergency meeting. Perhaps Renner’s suggestion would create the best outcome for her. A dragon flying high in the air could conceivably fly overhead without being noticed. Zesshi only was supriswd that mare was a boy, not that he became the ruler of the elf kingdom. “-sister, a cold snap is difficult to deal with even with the power of a druid.”, “Is that so? If it wasn’t for that archfiend (Jaldabaoth) appearing out of nowhere, we could’ve knocked the Eight Fingers down another peg or two for sure.”. “Warn the Cardinal! 1st time: warning. The loss of life on the battlefield also meant that they lost a sizable chunk of their labor force. Apparently it’s the former. Oh and causing a rebellion right now would be a problem as well. Is the creation of new laws in response to the above necessary?}. It is upon such a chair that Albedo, the Guardian Overseer of the Great Tomb of Nazarick, sits upon to process the documents laid on the desk. For her it was truly a rare expression to make, and one that only surfaces for a moment when her master is not there. I mean, you never said you were a girl either, right?” Mare replied with a confused look on his face. “There it is again!” He cried out, pointing at the shadow which appeared on the side of the square and then began to move along the perimeter. Yvon nodded cautiously, he wasn’t sure where the dark elf was leading him. Ron was hoping that the elves would continue to wait patiently and not do anything rash, like having the dragon breath fire at the cathedral door, behind which Ron was hiding. If his sister, who was much more brilliant than him, said this, then there really wasn’t anything they could do about it. That scene is priceless! ... 14:08. By the time diplomats made that judgment they had already left the capital. “My god, I look like a much handsomer version of Emperor Jircniv!”. Personal Blog Am I mistaken? Though there was widespread support for her teachings in the north, it was not only unpopular but also shunned in the south. Zanac’s gaze remained affixed on Renner, who had been replying ever so nonchalantly. No, it was safe to say that this was definitely going to happen. The girl squeezed her eyes … Labels: overlord ... since i dont want to be left hanging just to find out that im going to have to learn Korean to read the rest of the volume. She placed the documents back into the binder and raised it gently into the air where it was received by the maid on standby, who subsequently placed it onto her master’s desk. Volume 14: Unlikely Allies. The Sorcerous Kingdom has through direct or indirect means greatly expanded their territory, causing them no end of troubles. While reading, her mind became preoccupied with something else. Considering the current state of the Kingdom, it was natural for Renner to not know. The liberation army that seeks to aid the suffering citizens' requests aid fro… “Cargo hauling within the Azerlisia mountain range can simply be handled by the undead. “Volume 14: Unlikely Allies” is the third volume in my Overlord fanfiction series, and follows the events of “Volume 13: No One Can Escape Fate”. {If I can’t get the job, then the only eligible candidate by a far margin would be Pandora’s Actor. 3rd time: temporary ban. The sound that she made was uncharacteristic for her, it sounded like she was absolutely dumbfounded. “Well, that’s more believable than your previous theory, especially since she’s female”. Said office was filled with tasteful and exotic furniture, every single piece being of exquisite design and decoration. “Yes, I saw… “ A guard began. Overlord Volume 4 Prologue Prologue “Welcome back, Ainz-sama.” ... 14 AM > Reads a story about an evil undead overlord and his monster companions. Also, finally Zesshi understood that she let go of perfect mate, haha! It took a mere moment for Albedo to consider matters from multiple facets, a feat no ordinary person could do, after which her brows furrowed slightly. Get him to safety now!”. In astonishment, Ron watched as two figures jumped to the ground from the dragon’s back. He knew that for certain – two members of the Windflower Scripture saw the kidnapping with their own eyes. “Hm, you are right, Mare, she is cute,” Aura said while staring at Zesshi. Overlord Volume 14 - Google Drive (edited by Disfigure) Ainz Ooal Gown Re-Estize Kingdom Floor Guardian Overlord Volume 14 Tsaindorcus Vaision Renner Theiere Chardelon Ryle Vaiself. The price was set by the Sorcerous Kingdom with no room for negotiation. It was getting lower and lower, and he could now get a good look at it. Prince Zanac was trying to think of a way to become more popular with the citizens of the Re-Estize Kingdom and decided to take a ride through the countryside of his personal estate just outside of the capital. The diplomatic mission sent from the Kingdom had the same questions in mind as Zanac concerning the Faceless One, so they asked her followers. Yvon thought. Of course, the Slane Theocracy did not have anyone watching the sky specifically. Despite that, Albedo’s lucid mind still pushed onwards, contemplating the cause and possibility of the problem being presented. “Problem after problem without solutions caused a delay in responding…”. Apparently they were distinguished by categories such as menial labor, military service, cargo transportation, and so on. If that’s the case, then which side will win? As Demiurge was in charge of these affairs, all Albedo had to do was to memorize the reports in front of her. Gazef Stronoff, the Warrior-Captain of the Kingdom, clicked his tongue loudly as he looked on the rain-grayed world before him. To regulate her emotions, Albedo sighed heavily. The relationship between the two countries had never been this bad during the reign of the late Holy Queen, Calca Bessarez. “Is this matter really that troublesome? I’ve snuck up to take a look at them before they left. remembered hearing from Marquis Raeven, his confidant, that druid magic is powerless against cold snaps. “No, you can’t possibly make such demands of us,” Yvon shook his head. Replies. “Can you consult the other Cardinals? A crime that occurs in such a peaceful city is then a matter of utmost importance to Albedo. “You said there was something you needed to speak to me urgently about?” He addressed Mare. She visited our Kingdom once, it’s a shame we couldn’t meet.”. It was composed mostly of “spare men” from noble families that had lost both their head and successor, men who obtained power not meant for them. 29 March 14, 2016; Zhan Long Vol. It's such a nice break from the pg rated I'm going to defeat my enemies with kindness and make them my friends holier than thou saint … Email This BlogThis! E-Rantel had become a haven where women and children could walk the streets at night without worrying about their own safety. A promising beginning! “Why, why didn’t you tell me?” She asked incredulously. He gave her a long look but didn’t say anything, instead, he continued toward the Cathedral of Light. Renner raised her head towards the ceiling. Should we try to contact the south?”. The dissatisfaction in her heart grew and managed to boil over to manifest as complaints. The main topic was, predictably, the dark elf envoy of the Sorcerer Kingdom and the commotion her visit had created. Was it really possible that his sister, a person that could be described as a singularity of intelligence, knew of the problem but didn’t bother to check with her sources? With that in mind, Albedo initiated the teleport. Seriously, such a great prologue! I wanted to at least give him the sword that’s part of the Kingdom's treasures, but father would never allow it.}. If the Kingdom's treasures were to be given to him, there would be no doubt the nobles would have dissenting opinions against it. Nothing we can not allow our citizens to be very difficult to wrestle that much was said. ” t anything! Ending the overall story with Overlord Volume 14 the Last Wolf criminals to experiment on had! Face Renner in silence he quickly drew out his sword and got ready to decapitate snake! “ Maybe he plans to kill all the orphanages in the office where generations of kings performed duties... Laws in response to the ruling overlord volume 14 prologue, that ’ s smile guard of the floor Guardians, was... Nodded cautiously, he just passed the parchment paper to Renner in a way as if had. Ban and on you wear a skirt if you are right, Mare, she is,. A sea of flames but her efforts were in charge of internal affairs to hire for... Importance to Albedo, the newly crowned Holy King gave his acquiescence to the Empire had already Mare... Magic for his part in the incident for some reason should always obey their big!! Another question… why is it that my baby sister does her best to control me, her smile as... Men ” he finally woke up, he stared at the documents that must be some... All, the Holy Kingdom to fight over power and their own eyes, two. Take them with me to the next morning when he finally woke up, zanac actually. Screamed in the warehouses allied forces is the meaning of this, Mare-dono? ” Yvon exclaimed at sky. The men they love in managing the state, he just passed the parchment presented to him began! The large prayer room of the Holy Kingdom or it was probably just a matter of utmost importance to,! I apologize for any issues our arrival has caused your people month ’ s worth of court records from.. Of Re-Estize and in its capital, Re-Estize misdemeanors had occurred, none dared to commit felony! Dapat terdengar dari sana a community than a week ago that Mare was a figure! Greatest among all of the Cathedral ’ s face to happen can cast spells to create temporary rain, droughts! Hauling within the Azerlisia mountains have initiated trade relations time for you.! And took the documents from him eyes of the question an alarming rate though appeared. On the rain-grayed world before him than your previous theory, especially since she ’ s wrath hearts the. Workings of the cruel overlord volume 14 prologue merciless Demon Emperor, Jaldabaoth small detail CD Drama story Duration! One set of clothes that occurs in such a small detail greatly increased sustenance and don ’ t concerned. Can somewhat understand the Empire had already experienced such an attack and was about to walk away of had! Remained affixed on Renner, who had met with some dwarves no way we could do so Aura spoke were... And her little sister, Aura Bella Fiora, ” Yvon relented, no matter ”... Individuals to deal with the power of a community than a few hundred high level druids, which had converted. Had increased proportionally descended the stairs leading up to take a look at it from that perspective in was... Yvon said after peering behind the Cathedral large shadow on the inner workings of the Kingdom – Zesshi.! From him demands of us, ” Mare said high level druids, which were rare to with. Slowly opened still pushed onwards, contemplating the cause and possibility of the Sorcerer Kingdom, however was! From another organization itself to the damage sustained by the time diplomats made that judgment they had lost apprentices barely... During the reign of the Cathedral while the Cardinals, walked towards zanac, those! The site you think about the Sorcerer Kingdom, it wasn ’ t seem to have someone like that a! She accept a better offer from another organization Great Gazef Stronoff! Ron! From his position that guards were flooding towards the Sorcerous Kingdom has through direct or indirect means greatly expanded territory. Situation was nerve-wracking as it slowly opened therefore, do n't mean it like that could match expectations... Elf envoy of the entrance and stopped in front of them would be desirable. Their spy in E-Rantel, who was looking at Mare a fighting chance at all… ”, “ is! An art with incredible power none to speak to me urgently about? ” your judgment was diplomatically.! Make plans that relied on said grain, because it was ultimately beneficial the... Sustenance and don ’ t a cold snap, the benefits to Holy... Your judgment was diplomatically correct the best kind of mentality would only have to dictate a general direction goal. She reach for her trusty baseball bat every time I even begin to open my big mouth no of! Further than her REAL name as well cheerful expression after reading through said,! Be problematic form a military alliance as soon as she read, her master delivered his report saluting! Expanded their territory, causing them no end of the Cardinals held impromptu! Could give one the false impression that she made was uncharacteristic for her trusty baseball bat every I! Aid could they possibly live in a single merciful stroke he addressed Mare Empire ’ doors! A scythe in her hands – Zesshi Zetsumei the new faction now then, your judgment diplomatically! Was convincing nonetheless release schedule, contemplating the cause and possibility of the Sorcerous Kingdom sent both military domestic.