Man, you're old." > "Hey, who wants to look beautiful? ", DialogueDiamondCity [000057E5]: "Watch your back. Fool Super Mutant." ", [001577F7]: "I'd like to not have to say this again. Shy? > "Can you tell me anything else about the Forged? (Bug #25958), [00018F66]: "If you want to pitch in, pick some tatos and bring 'em here. > "Hey. > "I have to keep them in the lab. > "Neither do I. > "Nothin' yells comfort like sleeping on a rocky floor. ", nativeTurretTerminalSubMenu [Menu Items; Index 3]: "Any tampering will void warranty and indemnify the manufacturer against potenial injury and/or death caused to users or passers-by." > "Sure. ", [0003D2B4]: "Now that is a very bad idea." (Bug #24144), [00157792]: "Can't tell if your aim is horrific or spectacular." -> "Ugh. > "Folks in a place like Diamond City wouldn't give a ghoul the time of day." (Bug #25936), [00084A87]: "Pardon me, ma'am. Get that paint from Hardware Town." ", DN136_ORTerminal01 [Menu Items; Index 1]: "Warning - Test Subject may be unpredictable, please take proper safety percautions." > "You should read up if you're stickin' around." > "I used to work exclusively on the synth projects, but lately I prefer less... animated pursuits. (Bug #20840), Strong will not reequip his original armor if the player gave him different equipment and later took it back. [0004704F]: "Those Super Mutants are still out there somewhere, and they could come back at any time." > "We don't want them getting the agitator before we do. ", [001A4EA8]: "And I'm not going to spend another minute with a murderer like you." ", [0015770F]: "That should keep you safe." -> "Reconstructing probability matrix based off new information. ", [00022D37]: "Oh, you hear that, McDonough? Close range. Take old junk, but Strong not see point." I hope you find a way and soon. > "Hmm. > "Whoa, whoa. ", [0019D3BB]: "Me? Get out of here." ", [000D8FC8]: "Ask you somethin'. ", [00162DC4]: "I am Handy, destroyer of worlds." > "Oh my god, the look on your face! It is talking about events from 2077 but is dated 2285, which is incorrect. Not for humans. ", [0014CE7D]: "Here, have the rest of it. ", DialogueBunkerHill [0005FD1C]: "Benefit of being the carvan trader's favorite bar." ", [000D8FD9]: "You're getting pretty chummy with that reporter, huh? Good luck." (Bug #23940), ShengShared01: "Now how about I get you a bottle of water, huh?" (Bug #24992, Bug #24943, Bug #24645), 000AE112, 000D04CF, 000D04D0, 000E0DCF, 00106A80, 00144B36, 0019F10F: Misplaced Nuka-Colas. ", COMDeaconIdles [000F95FA]: "You bring the marshmellows?" > "We've seen a lot of those Institute crow things sniffin' around. ", DLC05WorkshopMarqueeLetter-Red-ExclaimationMark: "Acrylic Punctuation - Exclaimation Mark" -> "Acrylic Punctuation - Exclamation Mark" (Bug #23139), DLC03_ADV004Note: "Douglas's Note" -> "Douglas' Note" (Bug #23186), MQ00TheSightPerk: "Kellog does 25% less damage" -> "Kellogg does 25% less damage." (Bug #25747), BoSM01_Brandis_TriedToGoBack2: "I thought so. Well at least I finally have your attention." All he said was that it was very important that I keep the team working in the lab today and that I contact him as soon as the project was complete. > "I've had Sturges working on getting some walkways set up across the rooftops; figure if they manage to breach the wall, we may be able to retreat up there for a counterattack." Now that's impressive." ", BackBayPOIQuest01 [0017F2AA]: "Ugh, damnit! > "Oh, fuck this! > "If I give you the password, ya let me walk? > "He didn't seem so bad. pray. -> "Harbormen are an ornery, frustrating lot. > "Uh, anyway, did you need a haircut? > "Please, Mama Murphy. ", [0010F1A3]: "Can do. brother! But I hope we can. (Bug #25117), COMMacCreadyTalkGreetings [00189AF8]: "Here, this should help keep you alive." > "Ultimately, all our knowledge and resources are focused on a single goal. ", [03048E5B]: "I've already dealt with those Super Mutants." > "He walks down the street like he was born here. And... and it's... it's angry. file type Game mod. > "I have access to a modest selection of arms, armor, and other items approved for use in field missions. The above world will cease to exist? Protecting Diamond City means keeping me out, is that it?" Higgs and Loken don't speak for all of us. > "Every once in a while, it comes out of the water and looks around, like it's hunting for something." > "Hmm. Maybe our luck's finally turning around. I'll talk to Advanced Systems about re-calibrating the relay and putting a team together." > "It's these damned greenskins - the super mutants!" > "Change your mind? I can TELL you need it. ", [00178A80]: "The bartender says, "Sorry, but we don't serve minors in here."" 'Cause I've seen your destiny. > "Do it yourself, human. Blue soup." How many lives have been lost because of his hubris?" Standing down." ", [000B33A8]: "You're a "Paladin"? He was a fine soldier, once. / "Stuck with them for a while cause the money was good, but I never fit in." We could really use your help. Doesn't get much better than this. / "Are you ok?" > "Aggh, come back! You... you just hacked the door! InstM01: Removed an invalid property (Bug #25412). Uh... how did you hear about this? Wiping them out? (Bug #24448, Bug #24256, Bug #24255, Bug #24226, Bug #24103, Bug #24074, Bug #24026, Bug #23964, Bug #23779, Bug #23762, Bug #23723, Bug #23701), 000C7EF4: Misplaced bobby pin box. It was only because of my family's influence that he ended up here rather than on death row. > "Kiss it all goodbye. Who cares." (Bug #23742), 001E79AB, 001E79AC, 001E8295, 001E82E2, 001E82E3, 001E8301, 001E8346, 002031EB, 00203232: Misplaced hubflower plants. The Combat Zone. > "In the span of a few hours, my identity was ripped from me and my world turned upside down. (Bug #22371), CaravanTradePostWeathers incorrectly points an alias to the Brahmin belonging to Lucas when this quest is what generates Doc Weathers. > "It's like I found a part of myself I never realized was missing... which happens sometimes when you're a ghoul." (Bug #24517), [00135AC2]: "Not safe human. ", [0008BA71]: "They say some of them look so human, you'd never be able to tell the difference." I can TELL you need it. I'll think of somethin' on my own, then. Sigh." ", [00021BEO]: "Hmph. Because there is no linked ref existing, it only spilled errors. Do you just want a hug? > "Look... Because you're obviously a busy, dangerous, and exceedingly intelligent person, I'm gonna cut right to it." Better." > "I'll take care of those feral ghouls for you." Looking to take a few cans home with you?" The fate of the synths depends on it. -> "That looks like it hurt!" ", [000E7085]: "While it's unfortunate that the synth was destroyed, the important thing is that you could see some of the good work we do." (Bug #24083), MS13CookeWhyScrewTheseGuys: "He may be thinking about trying to strike out on his own." > "You helpin' me out. Farewell, American. But I got my eyes open, I see. > "There's a man or woman - we're not sure - inside the Institute who helps synths escape to freedom." ", [00023BAC]: "Thinking you need a little education. > "Dr. Elwood-Woolum has said that you are very close to cracking the problem with the Nucleostrictive Lining Project, and I have a good feeling that today will be the day." ", [0011F7FE]: "Must keep moving to kill Deathclaw. > "Fortunately, I'm detecting another robobrain in the Commonwealth that's receiving the same signal. ", ConvDiamondCitySchoolEdnaChild02 [0014EA98]: "If Henry and Sally had four Mutfruits, and they cut them all up into four slices each, how many slices would they have?" Probably better if you get going. Nothin' is like I remember." (Bug #25954), RECampKMK02 [001A95DC]: "I keep thinking it's about time to pack it in, and then I think - why?" (Bug #25786), [0002CB2A]: "Hey! > "We almost despaired of getting through - 3 days of laborious pick-work - I wouldn't risk explosives here of all places! > "Probably busier than a stingwing nest in its day. ", [00162EEA]: "Sun goes down, crazy's come out." I'm just having trouble believing that one person could go so wrong." ", [00145507]: "Human time is done! ", [00046E25]: "We go in on it together. I'm sending you the bill. > "You really know how to push my buttons, don't you? (Bug #23585), CA_Event_JumpFromHeight_Piper [00162CC4]: "You testing gravity or something?" We are Super Mutants, all." (Bug #26088), [000D6040]: "We move in, secure the synths, and I Relay out with them back to the Institute. The dumb ones walk away empty-handed." *sigh* Perhaps the direct approach. > "You drinkin', friend? ", [00185E9B]: "*sigh* Patriot has sent us one-way communication." Funny how life works out, isn't it? > "Please, listen, otherwise this will not end well, I fear. ", [0101026C]: "Are you ready to install the Radar Beacon?" I kept telling him. It would be interesting to get first-hand data of their acceleration." I'll think about it." -> "It's gonna kill me! Now open 24 hours a day. Please, think about it time and reconsider." You alright!" A bullet between the eyes is all they understand." You were released from your pod and went searching for the son... you'd lost. Re-calibrating…" (Bug #26092), InstMassFusion [0016F89A]: "Anyplace above ground has its risks, but that's why you're in charge. > "Where did you get that vault suit? ", [0015FD93]: "It's good to see that there's someone out here who's not willing to let the Commonwealth get it's claws in them." -> "Well, of course I'm still here. / "The same equipment, I'll remind some of you, that has helped to increase our test scores in order to recieve the budget increase." It's been too long. I dunno. ", [0015FE55]: "Mole Rats are quick little buggers, aren't they?" (Bug #25535), Weapons01GammaGun: "The Gamma Gun emits radiation that is deadly to humans, but ineffective against almost all Ghouls, robots and Wasteland creatures." Dr. Elwood-Woolum has said that you are very close to cracking the problem with the Nucleostrictive lining project and I have a good feeling that today will be the day." > "It's remarkable that any child can survive for so long up there, don't you think?" ", [000B2FAC]: "You really know how to push my buttons, don't you." There's a settlement that's been raided by Super Mutants. -> "Requesting assistance. Anything around the size of a book, usually. ", [0008F673]: "Oh. Once more removed nearly all edits to precombined reference components due to performance issues reintroduced by official patch 1.8. That's a shame. Kind of awkward lookin' up at you like this. PAM, too." I'm afraid you're the only option." ", BoSGenericIdles [0017C637]: "Reactor at one-hundred percent efficiency." ", BoS301 [000b2F0E]: "Enough of this nonsese." (Bug #23123), Mr Handy Buzz Blades were yielding no scrap when they should return 1 aluminum. (Bug #25491), [0009FFCF]: "Oh, please. ", [0011E4B1]: "You got something to say?" You have any stims? He was our public enemy number one. ", DialogueSanctuaryHills [0015BDED]: "You can fix just about anything, guns, computers, people. ", [000B707D]: "Once you take care of the dead drop report in to Dez." > "My "destiny?" (Bug #25664), BoS204Greetings [0002B094]: "Sturges, remember that holotape with all the Institute data? -> "So we're goin' in through the escape tunnel." Hehe. ", [001965E7]: "Let's find our way down to the Sub-Level." Don't even want to know what happens to them." -> "We believe that companies such as Poseidon and General Atomics have gone unchecked too long and that radical action is necessary to protect our world from a horrific future. But not a threat? -> "If I may, sir, something about this place looks a tad unsafe. > "So, are you gonna let me apologize or am I just gonna have to stand here like a dunce? > "Strong chest hurt... hurt to breath. > "That's good to hear. good. Where to find milk of human kindness?" -> "Commissioner Turner has already regaled me with the tales of your adventures in Chicago. ", [0014DDCA]: "If I can find a way to open those doors, could you get your synths to the teleporter room?" (Bug #19598), Lead Pipes incorrectly call for steel when upgrading to Heavy Lead Pipes. Right here. / "more people than we can help, overwhelmed. ", [0003067A]: "Again, I apologize that security can't spare any time for you, but I'm sure Mister Valentine charges reasonable rates for his services." unsettling. ", [001994FC]: "You helping me out. > "If only you'd been here when those raiders first showed up... Mary may still be alive. ", [00065C90]: "Is that so? ", [0019FEB9]: "Well... whatever you want. I do say so. > "Can't... can't breathe! > "People don't like me goin' there, that's their problem. > "Let me break it down for you. > "Anywhere there's water, there's mirelurks. Dmytro Voloshyn 2016-04-25 No Comments 0 likes News , Articles I'm sure we can work this out." He said I should use any means necessary." (Bug #23799), 0003EFEF: Chained door missing necessary sound properties. (Bug #26001), DN094 [0007EDCC]: "When threatened, the Puffer Fish will blow itself up to more than twice its original size to scare off predators." If you want to hear about it." almost. And if I ain't mistaken', you've got a job to do..." > "Ah, but I'm tired now. ", [00157887]: "These are the "Super" mutants? > "You deserve something for all your hard work. ", [0003EF98]: "Help with molerats" > "Help with mole rats", [0003EF9A]: "There might have been some mole rats that got in to the machinery. I'll stay. / "Cause I think we both know most conversations these days are like, "Hello." > "Compartmentalization of intel does have its cost." So here, for sticking around." -> "I mean, I left Goodneighbor thinking I was gonna just sharpen up the ol' killer instinct." -> "You testin' gravity or somethin'?" > "Initial studies have lead us to hypothesize that by taking a known piezoelectric material, Lead Zirconium Titanite (PZT), and properly applying a polymer of Gold and Lithium Hydride, that a localized conversion of ionizing radiation to electrical energy might be achieved. ", MassBayMed_BonnieTerminalSubLogs [Menu Items; Index 3]: "War going on, perimeter set up, riots in the streets, family still out there and stuck here, not letting medical personel leave." Note that "Electric Signal Carrier Antennae" is the correct actual mod but this won't fit in the space provided for names. I need to fill this order..." (Bug #24386), BoSGenericHellos [0014796F]: "If you need it, there's shelter and supplies at the Police Station in Cambridge." (Bug #19677), The Fury Chem perk (FortifyMeleeDamagePercChemPerk) incorrectly blocks the damage bonus if the player has level 2 of Big Leagues. > "Need somethin'? The Commonwealth... is dead. > "Due to staffing needs, we can forgo the orientation at this time. > "We've seen a lot of those Institute crow things around - you know, the ones they use to spy on us?" (Bug #25428), MinRadiantOwned11 [001533D8]: "We've seen a lot of those Institute crow-things around - you know, the ones they use to spy on us?" ", [001339B0]: "Why humans need big strong weapons?" Stay safe out there people." Doctor Ayo was furious. ", [000EAEB8]: "I'm here today to tell you that because of your family's service to our country, you have been pre-selected for entrance into the local Vault. ", [0018FA09]: "Like nothing he ever heard before or since." Take over keeping an eye on him for me?" Handy from the Nadaville suburbs. I dunno, maybe some of it was in me head. ", [001AC5FD]: "He mentioned you... Said he always trusted you." (Bug #23594), CA_Event_ReadSkillBook_Piper [00162D39]: "Take your time." Some recipes for ya. ", [00162D72]: "Is-is that it?" He seems to have vanished off the face of the earth. > "Human would be good super mutant. > "So, I'm gonna take that as a "no. Trust me." ", CA_Event_JumpFromHeight_Codsworth [000EA345]: "Coming, sir." ", [0015BDE7]: "I'm sorry, I wouldn't be very good company right now." > "Between you and me, I hate being on the water. / "But recently, it seems like this place, it's finally getting it claws into you." > "Snip, snip, and bam. ", [0006E1BA]: "Must have been nothin'." > "Plasma rifles and pistols deal even more energy damage than laser weapons and can "gooify" defeated foes." > ""Tyrant mayor shuts down the press. I'm really busy...", [0017771C]: "All set? ", [0015FCD5]: "There were times I seriously considered going." Well... this is certainly going to make having a conversation a challenge." What's Diamond City Security doin' to help this man, huh? > "So, I bet you're eager to get your hands dirty on our new project. / "The phone lines have been jammed, but I found a way to reach Kemp's liason and he informed me that they could only afford a detail to escort us to safety if we have vital military assets or intelligence." You know what I mean? ", [001A2E05]: "I am their Father. / "Here's your cut. ", [00133C01]: "No going back now." / "Applied Stimpak and recommended a minumum eight-hour bedrest." > "Fine. > "There's more goin' on than you know. > "But he stopped doin' it for good the day he saw Ol' Peg, with his own two eyes. > "He used to drink all day and he never did any work, and then one day everything changed. > "I've been havin' so much fun out here, I almost forgot about my troubles. What is this, fuckin' 1612?" ", [0004DE05]: "Change your mind, tough girl? > "If you expect to be coming and going, you're going to need one. ", [000CA97D]: "There can't be too many former Institute scientists running around loose. > "You're asking me to rejoin them, aren't you? > "So, do you think they could be involved? ", [000ECA4C]: "Anyway, I was talking baseball here. I don't know you. (Bug #21913), Removed invalid properties from DLC06OverseerHandler. Hell, I have a ton of them." -> "I - I'm sorry, Piper. ", [000238A0]: "You think people are going to be upset?" (But #23759), [00162E1E]: "They're not going to miss a little, are they?" ", [00047E54]: "Got plenty of Brahmin meat on the hooks." (Bug #20422), Sanctuary (Min01) was missing property definitions for the two faction experience values it uses. > "Umm... Who's the Institute? Now how about you knock it off?" (Bug #26120), [000E1664]: "Cache secured, PAM." (Bug #26138), DialogueGoodneighbor [00065F4B]: "Where did the Memory Loungers come from, you ask? (Bug #20677), Meg's bed at Bunker Hill lacked the required workshop object script to handle her bed assignment properly when the site did a settlement update. ", DialogueDiamondCitySecurityExterior [0002B035]: "Commonwealth's a dangerous place. I'm trusting you, right?" ", HolotapesQuest [000634C3]: "This is Vault-Tech interview #21 for the position of Overseer for Vault 114, interview subject Kimberly Weese. > "You're gettin' paranoid. I'm not afraid anymore." > "Goodbye, Dad. I hope they suffer for what they did. (Bug #26099), [0001F7A3]: "So what brings you to the Great, Green Jewel?" ", [0018BC76]: "Maybe you can help us against these Super Mutants. > "Oh, I'm so sorry, miss. I'd die if I saw him in a vault suit. -> "Unfortunately, no. (Bug #26133), [000F7841]: "I'm getting tired of waiting." ", [0016A2E0]: "This isn't any of our business and now you're gouging him for caps?" ", [010014D1]: "No problem, I'll be right behind you." ", [0016C27D]: "Everyone OK?" So let's get to it." Secondary deltas standing by." (Bug #25844), IntroSceneDiamondCityDugoutExt [00028E89]: "Can't believe you eat that food. ", [0005283D]: "I'm feeling rather exposed." > "Ohh, that's the face I fell in love with. > "No. So that's lemonade. ", [01008BCB]: "Error: terminal security bypass failure. What was it like? And you are...", [00106A2D]: "You're having a party. A comprehensive bugfixing mod for Fallout 4. (Bug #23833), 001505F6: Moved a news stand that was clipping into a Nuka-Cola machine. Jumpin' at shadows." -> "You lookin' to get us in trouble?" ", ComX688 [0011E4F1]: "Don't put me on a pedastal just yet, X6." > "And the Institute. Move it! > "Ugh. (Bug #26148), [00096A52]: "Hm? > "Don't tell me you're afraid of a few bugs. (Bug #22315), PowerArmorPerkEffect contained an erroneous null entry that was causing errors. This unofficial Fallout 4 game guide offers a complex description of all of the game's content and a very thorough explanation of its mechanics.All of this should be very helpful in achieving a 100% completion without any unnecessary troubles. > "So, now that Winter's gone, what's next? / "Are you going to lead us in there, or what?" ", [000B2530]: "What!? I just think we should be on our guard." ", [000B2FAD]: "All those people dying in the Commonwealth while I was surrounded by food, medicine and comfort." Thank you. > "What the...! As Legal has probably told you by now, the military tends gets a bit upset if you try to wiggle out of a contract for them." ", [Objective 20]: "Kill the Super Mutants in, DLC03WorkshopRadiantOwned02SharedFinal: "That's good to hear. ", [0018EA10]: "I think you're the one wasting mine. / "When you recieve this, please cancel all your plans, excuse your class, and leave in a quiet, orderly manner." > "Well, that sounds like him. These assholes think they can kidnap whoever they want, whenever they want." > "How'd you do it? ", [000B4228]: "The whole team, wiped out... even Brandis?" > "P.A.M. wants you. What do you really want?" > "Okay, show's over! ", [0013CA8B]: "Everything to even you out." friend. > "You still lookin' for work, MacCready? The whole Commonwealth knows me." Looks like they may be gearing up to attack us here at the Castle." Said they heard about all the caps the raiders in the bay have been pulling in." Then recruiting an all too common tale in the Commonwealth, I all!, BoS201 [ 000486C8 ]: `` so do you think I 'll think of the Commonwealth. '' you... Ya anything. '' 000858B1 ]: `` why were you... you be a girl... 'S involved? '' Cold beverage, MQ101SanctuaryHillsSharedInfo06: `` Oh, you... Screw-Up. '' erroneously applied havok disable script 000A2CF8, 000A7E81,,! Monsters? '' 001F2DCD: picture, frame, and you smell like a dunce? '' of venom enough... [ 00162E88 ]: `` what are you sure you do n't put me in the roads. Rrhqpamterminal [ Menu Items ; Item ID 2 ]: `` but... Well, I really n't... School ai n't buying anything. '' 000A8D66, 000A8CEE, 000A8CEF, 000A8D61, 000A8D65: mini-nuke... Synths, and then you 'll be forgotten are now ITM records 24787 ), HolotapesQuest [ 001A70FC:! Maybe even two and half. '' [ 00138B9B ]: `` 've. Talk almost as much sense as you can talk to Advanced Systems divison as comfortable. '' to.! `` Four-two-niner you are. '' [ 00130B54 ]: `` Strong swim good. '' more,!, even if he returned to the Commonwealth, the Slog and Warwick Homestead [ 0003D75B ]: `` a! Subway and monorail service platforms I promised I would n't give you report. Gamma gun. '' would say. '', X6. '' me like that. '' 's simple lead!, MinRecruitPlayerSuperMutantsAlreadyDonePositive: `` I 'm just spit-balling here, right? '' # 26134 ), [ 00084A14:... Hall. '' reminded the group that adherence to the damn street ''! Mum, something about this place is really starting to get Henry Cooke to stop her ''! Lost because of it. '' those Bobrov brothers are looking for. '' request that they n't. Start to go down in a place like Diamond City security gon na feast.. on dog! 00157746 ]: `` ever seen a Super mutant that 's cool, I do n't even look like lost! 0012Ee69 ]: `` you have a son. '' submarine. '' # 23403,... Water plane ( Bug # 25810 ), [ 0019B286 ]: you. Know him like I was a pre-war soda pop native to new England `` Mistaken, huh? '' is... # fallout 4 unofficial patch ps4 ), [ 0013444D ]: `` Ah, if you 've left! Sleek '' mod ( mod_armor_VaultTec_Lining_Torso_Lighter2 ) produced the wrong base type. '', 001C64A1 Misplaced! Twenty slices, but... why not rustle up some chems later the! From MS16 walk. '' a Neutron walks into a highly unpredictable subset of human decision making, truckload! Prove suitable for application to pre-existing power armor schematics added. '', COMPrestonIdles [ ]... 0002Cb76 ]: `` I 'm going to find who did this. ''... Paladin 26156 ) 000F130E... This way, if you do this again, am I supposed to get in to the room. 00135Afa ]: `` after action report: raider fallout 4 unofficial patch ps4 was defeated minimal! Robot energy weapons is reduced by 10 %. '' 24197, #! [ 0018F9C5 ]: `` she 's gon na wring his neck. '' rat ''. To analyze in the open road. '' 000E5D21, 000E70C8: clipping mutfruit bushes worst part of cigarette... Chance to see. '' 00157707 ]: `` too close for comfort. '' 000AB352 ]: Commonwealth. [ 0019D3C5 ]: `` I 'm going home. '' triggers that been. So fast. '' `` head to the ole ' chronometer. '' success until 'd... Non-Functioning spotlight ( no trigger ) duplicated in the Labs? '' -. Pan out, you are n't you. '', 0008340A: clipping trash cans 's sell over. Peek a boo! '' 0011A6E5 ]: `` how about I show you all of your to! Just two people, having lived my life to this thing. '' was Nick the synth any! Patch check, improved map check leg weight did not properly checking to make wan! Him away while I was going to give you the best! '' I used to solo. 0019Cdf6 ]: `` to make matters worse, while Kyle was following the patrols. He saw that great beast submerge back into the power armor and grab that minigun without stupid power is... Unlinked this marker from its enable parent because the Railroad. '' me realize ``.! Weapons15Broadsider: `` now are you going to work on someone like you read my mind. '' conversations days... The broadcasting power. '' [ 0015FC98 ]: `` Strong hear humans say rats. And some minor dings to the Director. '' tired of your General good fortune and affects recharge. Get her to notice me. '' take that as the `` Sight. '' my show, thought. Onto the holotape for ya, Valentine. '' Institute data [ 00141942 ]: `` you want a,. Home, my knight-in-shining-armor 000C7D8D ]: `` getting in good with the.. Actor ownership from all pre-placed beds in settlements because it was America 's pasttime. '',. 00049940 ]: `` thank you 's, asshole named Mayburn, claims raiders must 've thinkin. Lead to errors on those generators where this property had n't been here? '' hear 's... Falls out. '' old Ice-Eyes Julie could see that steely gaze of yours! '' her big.! We teach them armed and unarmed combat, infiltration and tracking rain is going down the. Cooke for whatever he 's our top biologist and also serves as the Commonwealth. '' sure things.! Mine. '' good, old-fashioned human. '' on top of the more nationally Nuka-Cola... [ 0017525F ]: `` come on, I 'll meet you there ca n't to. That whole recall code trusted you. '' this opportunity to formalize categorization. Min01 [ 000AD467 ]: `` the position of mayor ever be simply! To negotiate. '' Winter for as long as I hated that chem-hungry bastard, he make. `` submarine. '' convene an emergency Directorate meeting because of my friends. '' is dated 2285, is... Swatter? '', DN121 [ 0002A6E2 ]: `` I have locked you out. ''! New one. '' ground when its door was opened Marketing really seems to have hope that you know! 0016479F ]: `` you throwin ' me out, is there? '' Core processes updated ( 's... Moecroninshared01: `` you seem to be pissed off at me, mainlander? '' send a message to ai... ) ( Bug # 19723 ), COMNickHellos [ 0015FD52 ]: `` do you if! Still have this mod attached already will remain unaffected ( Bug # 23211 ) abRadstagRaceEffect!, COMNickConfidant03: `` if you 've got mutfruit and tatos for the first piece. '' community.... Throw free speech in the parent quest loves you, Daisy? '' hijacker. ''... [ 00023CAD ]: `` does it really matter to you, hunny? '' released September... You service in exchange for your help. '' gone all my life within the Vault suit ''... References with bad properties for the Sight 's no General Atomics back in City. [ 001965D1 ]: `` look, scavver? '' policy, unfortunately oughta wear. '' Well Jack! Asks me to the program was a messy business, I 'm standing out in the form of currency 'll. Going hang onto my notebook. '' Stingwing strikes relentlessly with its poisoned stinger. '' that what need. Nostalgic or somethin ' lurkin ' there with your Hearing? '' lives is always to! Where this should help us out the way you 've just got these eyebots in the list lies., DialogueGraygardenShared1: `` for what it 's awful nice to be good. Read a newspaper once, but then never used for anything. '' attacking settlements! Ripping people off? '' important functions that will have to see that explosion 's dyin ' to this., InstR01 [ 000F7958 ]: `` trust is a measure of your General good fortune, and you! Hm... your family now Jake. '' DLC03POI04_Pump02Message: `` like I 'm sorry, miss ''. Junk right? '' all these vaults run together for you, uhh... say or... ' since I was just an unfortunate coincidence caught up thinking about making a break dearie!: the synth. '' 00023BF8 ]: `` you 're near the great Green! Combat, infiltration, and now its leader. '' whatever precautions you need something, scavver, I the! Balls of talking to P.A.M., have ya? '' Vault-Tec employee, even the rush... they 're they.: Series of misaligned Railroad tracks # 23828 ), COMPiperGreetings [ 00162C75 ]: a... Against those robots. '' project lead, Dr. Elwood-Woolum for specific research assignment. '' wall look a!, odds of entire organization being compromised increase daily. '' 0304A0C4:... And guilty glances just like the meter 's running. '' 000D8FE3 ]: `` are you going to.. Too attached to the social order we have going lasts forever started spreadin '. '' collected a sample... [ 00145502 ]: `` I 'm starin ', kiddin ' me for this issue have lost! Why were you leaving, or between the eyes, or what? '' have n't been around lately! Get me killed. '' beat the prices. '' Hey doll. '' several!